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Beyond the Myth movie, 10/23/14
Thursday, 10/23,
7 pm
KiMo Theater

TLC Pet and Uptown Cat Hospital
2632 Pennsylvania

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Albuquerque Dog Camp Bow Wow

Long Leash on Life

Canine Country Club

dog-friendly massage at Third Goddess Therapeutics
bring your dog, enjoy a great massage

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Enchantment Pet Resort and Dog Spa
Enchantment Pet Resort & Spa

580 Quantum Rd NE
Rio Rancho

Spay Your Dog New Mexico

the animal rescue site

Dog News

Dog News

Free Pit Bull Training

[October 7, 2014] - ABQ Animal Welfare is offering FREE training for Pit Bulls/Pit mixes each Saturday in October. They want to provide resources to these dogs and the folks who love them, and understanding the Pit Bull breed is the first step. Well-trained Pits are ambassadors for this happy breed, showing that, with a loving home and training, they make wonderful, family-friendly dogs. See our Calendar page for info on classes. We've had many great, funny, sweet, loving pit bulls, and we're so glad that Animal Welfare can provide this program. Thanks go to Boofy's Best, Long Leash on Life, Petco, Pet Safe, and Sandia Pet Products for their enthusiasm & generous sponsorship in their efforts to help end the cycle of public misconception and homelessness among Pits.

To The Rescue Raised a Whopping $30K for Local Rescues!

[June 12, 2014] - Once again, To the Rescue does just that for local animal welfare & rescue groups, raising $20K from yard sale, raffle, and donations, and adding $10K matched by the incredibly generous sponsor, Long Leash on Life. That's $30,000 that will go towards saving animals and spay/neuter to prevent more animals to add to the vast overpopulation problem in NM. Groups receiving funds include: Greyhound Companions of NM, Justice Great Dane Rescue, and NMDOG. Thanks for all you do for the animals of ABQ, Ken and Norm!

PDF:  Long Leash on Life, To The Rescue

Let Your Spring Cleaning Help ABQ Animals

[May 02, 2014] - As you go through those dusty closets and garage shelves, save your new/gently used items to help ABQ animals. The wonderful Long Leash on Life sponsors their annual To The Rescue Yard Sale and Adoption Event to benefit local animal rescues on Saturday, May 18th. Before then, they're asking for your good-condition furniture, houshold items, dog beds/toys and more. You can drop off these treasures at Long Leash on Life, 9800 Montgomery (at Eubank), every day between 10 am and 5 pm.

Colorado Bans Greyhound Racing!

[March 14, 2014] - Thanks to the tireless work of GREY 2K USA, Governor John Hickenlooper signed their bill to prohibit greyhound racing in the Colorado, making them the thirty-ninth state in which the cruelty of dog racing is illegal. This measure was enthusiastically supported by Colorado Voters for Animals, Colorado Citizens for Canine Welfare, the ASPCA and The Humane Society of the United States. Big thanks go to chief bill sponsor, freshman Representative KC Becker of Boulder, who learned about the cruelty of dog racing in Colorado and made sure that greyhounds would never suffer again in her state. See their full report here.

State Game Commissioners Win Big in Coyote-Killing Contest

[January 29, 2014] - Proving that the fox is indeed guarding the hen house, State Game Commission Chairman Scott Bidegain and his partner killed eight coyotes in a two-day contest last month, reports Thomas J. Cole in his Albuquerque Journal story. Robert Espinoza, another Game Commissioner, reportedly thinks that coyote-killing contest are a great way to control predators while have fun doing it. Ugh. What a sorry pair.

Governor Martinez appointed both of these yahoos to the Game Commission and should replace them with people who are more interested in protecting wildlife than murdering it. Last year, Republican opposition killed a bill outlawing these inhumane and ineffective contests. This kind of bad publicity only shows the country (and the world) that we may have stopped cock fighting, but we're still a bunch of blood-thirsty, gun-toting hicks. Who'd want to visit a state like that?

Congratulations to Lap Dog Rescue, 2013 Top-Rated Nonprofit

[January 12, 2014] - Lap Dog Rescue of New Mexico has been honored with a prestigious 2013 Top-Rated Award by GreatNonprofits, the leading provider of user reviews about nonprofit organizations. The Top-Rated Nonprofit award was based on the large number of positive reviews that LDRNM received -- reviews written by volunteers, donors and clients. Great recognition for a group that does so much to help dogs! Congratulations!

Two Ways to Help Dogs This Season

[December 7, 2013] - The Albuquerque Animal Welfare Department is sponsoring Operation Silent Night, collecting gently-used/new blankets, dogs sweaters, jackets, beds, toys (dogs & cats) or treats for animals spending the holidays at the Animal Welfare shelters as they wait to find forever homes. On Christmas Eve, Santa's elves will distribute the donations to each animal at the shelters. You can drop off these items at any of the shelters, or at other locations listed on their website. Through 12/20.

The Pampered Chef will donate 25% of your product purchase to Lap Dog Rescue now through Tuesday, 12/10. They offer cookware, cookbooks, and the like for your pampered chef.

NMDOG Helps Residents Comply with New BernCo Anti-Tethering Ordinance

[November 22, 2013] - NMDOG (formerly NM Dogs Deserve Better) is assisting Bernalillo County in implementing its new zero-tolerance anti-tethering ordinance, which makes it illegal to chain dogs. Unchain BernCo is NMDOG's new program to help residents comply, while educating them on better care for their canine companions. Unchain BernCo is also constructing secure, heavy-duty dog runs for pre-approved households free of charge. The program also provides free doghouses, straw, dog food, and other supplies where needed, as well as free spay/neuter certificates through Bernalillo County's Spay/Neuter Assistance Program (SNAP). NMDOG has an established working relationship with the Bernalillo County's Sheriff's Department and Animal Care Department. They routinely assist both departments in cruelty cases, and are partners in Bernalillo County's Animal Cruelty Task Force.

They're kicking off the campaign on Saturday, November 23rd, 9 am by building the first of their dog runs at the Bernalillo County Animal Care Services Office, 1136 Gatewood SW. Come help! Please contribute to this wonderful organization that's saved hundreds of dogs lives.

Much Belated Kudos

Thank You ABQ City Council!

[August 12, 2013] - In May, our fabulous City Council really went to the bat for animals in passing the new, improved Operations Budget for the city, which added an Animal Behavior/Adoption Specialist to the Animal Welfare Division, and provides an extra $106,000 for Saturday spay/neuter! They also made adding another Animal Behavior/Adoption Specialist and an additional $100,000, depending on extra revenu which could show up as early as this month.

Long Leash on Life's To The Rescue! Benefit

Long Leash on Life Does it Again!

[August 12, 2013] - Every year, Long Leash On Life celebrates its anniversary by hosting a yard sale to benefit homeless animals. This year, To The Rescue! raised $10,800, and Long Leash On Life generously matched that amount dollar for dollar and added to the event's raffle earnings, ultimately dividing $23,500 between participating rescue groups. Owners Norm and Ken are long-time supporters of animal rescue, and we are lucky to have them as part of our community.

ABQ Gun Shop Sponsors Coyote Slaughter

ABQ Gun Store Sponsors Coyote-Killing "Contest"

[November 16, 2012]   Using the convoluted excuse of "saving tax dollars," Beau from Gunhawk Firearms (865-3500), rationalizes the slaughter of thousands of coyotes in his store's imminent coyote-killing "contest." "We don't hate coyotes," he explained, but "the USDA kills thousands every year, so why waste tax dollars when we can use it as a way to introduce families to hunting." It is impossible to equate "not hating coyotes" with "paying people to murder them." Please check the APNM website for ways to speak out against this atrocity, which reinforces the idea of New Mexico as a land of ignorant, gun-happy yahoos where no civilized person would want to visit. This is not hunting for food, it's killing for sport, which is absolutely despicable.

[November 23, 2012] UPDATE: KOB reports that fewer than 50 coyotes were murdered in this so-called "contest," and, while hunters were brave with a gun against a defenseless animal, they were too humiliated to even appear on camera, hiding behind boxes or buildings in shame. This hunt has brought national and international ridicule and scorn to NM:

  Washington Post

  Miami Herald

  CNS News

  The Republic

Puppy Mill Puppies to be sold in Rio Rancho again

Rio Rancho City Council Poised to Gut Ordinance Banning Puppy Sales in Pet Stores

[October 22nd, 2012]   Last week, during the first reading of the city's Humane Animal Ordinance, the RR City Council voted 4-2 to gut it, repealing the ban on selling puppies and kittens in pet stores, cutting provisions for basic animal care, and allowing circuses with horrible cruelty histories to perform in Rio Rancho. (See the story by APNM with e-mail addresses for the city councilors.) It's hard to understand why four city councilors (Crum, Clayton, Scott, Wilkins) would be so willing to abandon this fine, animal-friendly ordinance and allow puppy-mill puppies into the city that already euthanizes hundreds of unwanted animals. Join the peaceful protest on Wednesday, October 24th!

No-Kill Denial

What do you call someone who denies pet overpopulation in NM? Misinformed.

What do you call an animal group that denies pet overpopulation in NM? New Mexico Pets Alive.

Over a year ago, NMPA splashed onto the animal scene, with ideas to make New Mexico a virtual no-kill state. Since then, however, they have apparently done nothing for our homeless animals. [We contacted them several times about their qualifications and achievements, but they never responded, and their website lists no such accomplishments.]

What they have done is make sensational statements, like grossly overestimating euthanasias in Albuquerque (10,000), when their own figures (PDF) indicate a number two-thirds less (3,000). By exaggerating this tragic number, they hurt their credibility and create an "us vs. them" mentality by telling hard-working shelter workers and rescue volunteers they just don't know how to do their jobs.

This was bad enough, but we realized they were actually dangerous with their ridiculous pronouncement that "we do not have a pet overpopulation problem," from their 04/14/12 e-mail entitled, "There aren't enough shelter animals to satisfy consumer demand." This is just plain irresponsible mis-information, which hurts rescue efforts by denying the HUGE number of homeless animals in NM. This is a horrible message to send to the public, which often doesn't understand the need for spay/neuter.

We believe that NMPA is hurting homeless animals in the state, which is why we've written this article. We hate disparaging anyone trying to help animals, but when their "help" actually hurts, we must speak up. If NMPA is really serious about decreasing euthanasia, they must stop denying the overpopulation problem, and work for better education and increased spay/neuter in New Mexico.

last updated on October 13, 2014.

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